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Business insurance covers your building, business personal property, commercial general liability and farm liability, business income and extra expense, errors and omissions coverage, professional liability coverage, directors liability coverage, business automobile coverage, worker’s compensation, and inland marine coverage.

Business Insurance Features and Benefits


As an independent agent, Sievers Insurance has multiple companies to shop the rate for all your business insurance needs. We’ll shop around and find the best options that fit your business and budget.


Sievers will meet with you face to face and be with you throughout each step. We’ll set up a review schedule that fits your business and industry. This could be once per year, as your situation changes or when questions arise.


Sievers’ decades of experience will benefit your business by ensuring that you have all the coverage you need at the best price. We know insurance. Put our expertise and experience to work for you.

Business Insurance Term Definitions

Commercial building coverage

This covers the spaces related to your business including the walls, windows, fixtures, ceilings and doors

Business auto insurance

Motor vehicle coverage for those engaged in commerce

Business income and extra expense

Need definition

Commercial general liability and farm liability

Policy for farming that covers barns, stables, equipment and livestock

Directors and officers liability

Coverage protecting corporation directors or officers from liability arising out of the performance of their professional duties

Errors and omissions coverage

Coverage for persons who have incurred injury or property damage, or who have had a loss from omissions arising from the performance of services by others

Inland marine coverage

Insurance for property often at different locations including live animals, property with antique or collector’s value, etc.

Professional liability coverage

Available to pay for liability arising out of the performance of professional or business-related duties

Worker's compensation

Covers an employer’s liability for injuries, disability or death to persons in their employment

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Our efficient process will help you save time


1. Q & A

We’ll ask you questions about your business including: What type of business do you have? have you had any losses, 3 years hard copy loss information, to help you determine all the types of business insurance needed for your specific situation.


2. Complete application

Sievers will complete applications and paperwork prior to a review meeting where you’ll review, verify and sign the application. We will submit to various insurance companies to determine best coverage and premium rate.


3. Review Quote

Sievers will meet with you to review the quote, answer your questions and help you choose which the best coverage for your business.


4. Bind coverage

Once you have reviewed and determined what coverage you will purchase Sievers will meet with you to collect first month’s premium and bind coverage.

5. Finalize policy

Once we receive the finalized policy, we will review the it for accuracy and completeness and then mail the policy/ies to you.


6. You're covered!

Rest easy knowing your business is covered for issues that may arise.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you beat what I currently have?

We are an independent insurance agency and have access to many different insurance carriers that help us find and secure the best price for your coverage.

Can you service my account at the level I expect?

Service is extremely important to us at Sievers Insurance & Financial Services. We treat all of our clients like we would our family. If you ever have any problems or concerns we would ask to sit down and have the opportunity to show you the Sievers difference.

What type of business insurance coverage do I need?

Each business has the potential to have different liabilities therefore we take the time to get to know your company before making recommendations. We believe in finding the solution that fits your business needs without adding on unneeded or unwanted coverage.

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