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Sievers Car insurance Vincennes Indiana will make sure your car is properly insured, the process of getting car insurance is easy and making a car insurance claim is quick and local.
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We can help you with auto insurance, car trailers insurance, motorhome insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance, or watercraft insurance! We have an extensive variety of products and will match the best options (limits of liability, medical payments, deductibles, price) for your needs.

Auto Insurance Experts in Vincennes, IN

Personal service

Rick meets with each car insurance Vincennes Indiana client—onsite if needed—and guides them through the claim process each step of the way. Rick does all of the communication with the insurance company to make it easy for you and maximum satisfaction.


As our client, we consider you part of our family. We take care of you and your insurance and financial services need. Rely on us to provide excellent service and exceptional products. You can depend on that!

Quick claims process

If you need to process a claim, we make the process quick and get payment to you as soon as we can. Rick works with the insurance company for you to ensure everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Our efficient process will help you save time

1. Determine coverage

We’ll meet with you and will ask lots of questions so we can get to know and understand your needs. We’ll find the best fit for your needs and budget so you get the best value.

2. Get covered

With the information we gathered during our meeting, we’ll get quotes for coverage from our array of carriers to find the best coverage at the best price for you. Once we find the best fit, you’ll sign and provide payment and coverage begins.

3. Claim process

If you need to file a claim, call Sievers as soon as possible. Sievers will setup a time to speak with you on location if necessary. Sievers will call the insurance company and personally guide you through the claim process.

4. Follow-up

Sievers will follow up with the insurance company to ensure your claim is being processed properly and quickly. Sievers will keep in touch with you to ensure you’re satisfied with claims process and that payment has arrived properly.

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Frequently asked questions

What liability coverage do I need?
We recommend your total liability coverage to equal or exceed your net worth. The first question we will ask you is, “What is your net worth?”

What deductible is best for me?

How much you can afford to pay out of pocket if an accident or claim occurs? Your deductible should not exceed that.

How much will my car insurance cost?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of your insurance. Higher deductibles equal lower cost for your insurance. Additionally, your accident history, age, previous moving/traffic violations and credit score all affect your insurance cost. Since we work with multiple carriers, we’re able to find the best fit for your situation and the best deal.

How are claims processed?

It starts with a phone call to Sievers. We’ll help you get the claim started; answer any questions; follow up on the claim; and make certain you’re satisfied with the process and end result.

We're waiting to hear from you.

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Sievers Insurance & Financial Services

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