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Why do you need homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers damaged caused by tornados

Sievers specializes in car/auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and business insurance. Free quotes (812) 882-2010

Types of home insurance

Policies and coverage for home insurance vary for those who actually own their property, rent it, or own a co-op. According to the Insurance information institute, “different types of Homeowners policies are fairly standard throughout the country. However, individual states and companies may offer policies that are slightly different or go by other names such as ‘standard’ or ‘deluxe’.” Fortunately, there are a number of policies to choose from for whatever type of property you are looking to cover.

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The lending bank requires homeowner insurance coverage

Sievers specializes in car/auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and business insurance. Free quotes (812) 882-2010

Why it matters

Not only is homeowners insurance beneficial in the long run for unexpected disasters but it is also necessary when dealing with lenders if you are trying to fund your mortgage or refinance. Additionally, your home is a huge financial investment which can affect you positively or negatively depending on whether you choose to insure yourself or not. Being uninsured and dealing with the aftermath of a disaster can and most likely will cost an “arm and leg”, so save yourself preventable expenses and troubles, getting home insurance is a smart and safe choice.

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