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Life insurance protects you and your family and business entities/partners in the event of unexpected death or illness. Protect your loved ones with the coverage you need. We’ll discuss your situation so you can determine the best options for your needs and budget.

Types of Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance

Term life covers you for a specific period of time. It can be appropriate for buy/sell agreements or to cover your family for a specific need such as paying for children’s college or covering your mortgage.

Universal Life Insurance

A form of permanent insurance, universal life provides coverage for your lifetime. You can add different amounts of money per month to fund the policy. This can be used as a supplement to retirement as the excess of premium payments above the current cost of insurance is credited to the cash value of the policy. You can then use the cash value tax free as a supplement in retirement.

Index Universal Life Insurance

Indexed universal life allows policy holders to allocate cash value amounts to fixed and indexed (stock market) accounts. Typically indexed policies guarantee the principal amount in the indexed portion, but cap the maximum return that a policy holder can receive.

Whole Life Insurance

A form of permanent life insurance, whole life features guaranteed premiums, death benefits and cash value. Whole life policies also give you the potential to receive dividends. This can increase the value of the policy when the insured is living or provide an increased death benefit for the beneficiaries. Typically this is the most expensive type of life policy because of the guarantee.

Our efficient process will help you save time

1. Determine coverage

We’ll meet with you to collect the application information including date of birth, any health conditions and/or medications taken, height and weight. Then we’ll provide a quote based on those details. If accurate and correct information is provided then the premium will not change.


2. Review and sign

Once you have reviewed the premium and determined that you want to complete and purchase the policy, we will meet with you to complete and sign the application.

3. Submit application

Sievers will submit the application for review. The reviewers will determine the final premium and whether a paramedical exam is needed. If a paramedical exam is required, Sievers will contact the paramedical company and the they will contact you to schedule an appointment. All information is protected and confidential.


4. Final signature

Once the exam results, if needed, and application is approved, Sievers will meet with you to review final premium and obtain all required signatures required.

5. Claim process

If you need to file a claim, call Sievers as soon as possible. A death certificate will be required. Sievers will call the insurance company and personally guide you through the claim process.

6. Follow-up

Sievers will follow up with the insurance company to ensure your claim is being processed properly and quickly. Sievers will keep in touch with you to ensure you’re satisfied with claims process and that payment has arrived properly.

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Frequently asked questions

How much life insurance do I need?

We recommend you purchase ten to fifteen times your annual salary.

What type of life insurance do I need?

We will ask you several questions to determine what suits you best, such as: What can you afford? What are you using it for? What is the length of time you need to be covered?

Can you further explain Index Universal Life Insurance?

Yes! Here’s an example. If the stock market returns 25%, you will be capped (cap varies from company to company) at a certain percent (ex: 15%). However, if the stock market loses you will still be guaranteed at a certain percent (varies from company to company ex: .75%). This allows you take advantage of the stock market while helping protect you from loss. (See policy for additional details.)

We're waiting to hear from you.

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